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Kinnect is more than just a club, it is a social skills program designed to initiate skills inside a our first 10 bi-weekly club event followed by Keeping The Kinnection social club where the cohort of preteens continue to connect and stay connected for months and years to come. In this post-Covid world, it is a place where preteens can learn in a safe ongoing community of like-minded peers supported by our therapists and the Kinnect community.

Upon completion of our 10 bi-weekly group meeting, we will hold periodic events during the year so that the connections that have been made can be kept and new connections can be formed.  Events will be posted and each member will be notified of new upcoming events.

Kinnect Club Event

Group Flyer 9-26.png

Bi-Weekly - 1hr 30 mins group session.

Sessions start September 27th, 2023 -  4:15pm-5:45pm and will take place at 

1400 Main St STE 101, Louisville, CO 80027

unless otherwise noted.  Open to enrollment through the end of October.

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