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Services Provided

Individual Therapy

Can I change my ways? Will I ever be happy? Can I feel fulfilled? Can I experience a life full of purpose? These are all questions we ask ourselves, not just in our bleakest moments, but throughout our day to day lives. We know the answer is “yes”, but the map to get there may as well be blank; How do we move forward to find the peace and mental health we seek?

Therapy Matters can help. We work with our clients to establish meaningful shifts in behavior and patterns to effect real change, the kind that comes from a sincere sense of well being. Once we get to know you, we can pair you with the therapist that can best serve your needs: Every client is different, and we have a wide range of expert therapists to serve the diverse needs of our clientele.


Your comfort is paramount for your growth, and Therapy Matters is dedicated to fostering the right environment for successful therapy. Individual therapy is offered in 60 to 90-minute increments, depending on your needs. You have the option to conduct your session face to face, over secure live video feed, or even on the phone if that’s what is most safe and convenient for you. We view therapy as a collaboration, and our team will work with you every step of the way to mold your experience with us into what it needs to be. We’re here to help!


Resourcing Sessions

Resource therapy will enable you to develop new coping skills to better manage your mental, physical, psychological and social health. By using a problem solving approach that is unique to you we will together help you identify your needs in making a positive change that helps your growth effectively. Such issues as chronic illness, divorce, housing, career, elder or child care, care giver support, connecting socially, and many other topics are discussed regularly. This allows therapy to become more productive when logistical needs are being met with direct intention. Usually conducted in individual sessions, our resource therapy can focus on your required area of growth and help you achieve your personal goals.


Couples Therapy

​Are you and your partner disconnected? Do you find yourself wondering what happened to the way it was, and wishing you could figure out how to reconnect and fall in love all over again? Times are tough on couples. Workplace stress, the demands of family, and the hardships of everyday life can chip away at even the most solid and loving of relationship foundations. We can help!


At Therapy Matters, we are passionate about helping couples identify and address their problems, learn to love and support one another, and resolve pressing issues getting in the way of reconnecting. Every couple wants to be happy and healthy; Sometimes, life gets in the way and gives us more than we bargained for, and that’s okay! Couples counseling can help you learn to make a change and rekindle that spark of love into the long-lasting ember you wish it would be. It can be hard to do this vital work by yourself, but you don’t have to! Contact Therapy Matters and work with a professional. We’re here to help!


Group Therapy

Group therapy allows us to connect with our clients and address their most pressing needs. The time and duration are up to the participants- We’re here to help, and are determined to work with you so you can attend the therapy you need! Currently, we offer a wide variety of groups: DBT groups, meditation groups, #MeToo groups, eco-therapy groups, and opioid dependence, to name a few. We’re always looking to grow our group therapy offerings to better serve our clients and our community. If you think group therapy would be right for you, give us a call.

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