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The importance of Self Care

I long believed that if I took bath or went for a pedicure once in a while that I was taking good care of myself. I wondered why I would still feel eroded even after doing things to take care of myself.

It took quite some time before I understood what self care really consists of. Self care is about keeping yourself vital and alive. It’s about protecting your spirit and emotions from the wear and tear of daily life so you can still be inspired and interested at the end of the day. It’s about making sure that we balance our obligations and responsibilities with joy and inspiration.

Some may naturally ask “How?” How do we do this? The answer is simple but not easy. We begin. If we don’t know where to begin, we ask for help. After this, step by step we create new habits that give us energy back. We reduce old habits that have stolen our energy in the past.

For some, this will be setting boundaries and learning to speak up for oneself, for others it may be taking time for ourselves when we become upset. Some will get a monthly pedicure and others will start exercising. Most importantly for all working on self care is we will learn. Learn how to detect where we lose energy and notice what gives us energy. We can then use this information to guide our decisions throughout our lives.

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