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Jocelyn DiChiara, MA


Jocelyn is a warm, authentic and grounded therapist.   She holds a Masters Degree in Infant and Parent Development and is now seeking her second Masters in Mental Health Counseling–Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Psychology where she is in her final year and serving as an intern currently.  She draws upon years of experience working with parents and children in early childhood education systems, mothering her own children, as well as her own spiritual journey after experiencing life changing events.

Believing we are whole beings with an innate capacity to heal ourselves, Jocelyn enjoys co-creating with another person the life that they most want to live and the changes they most want to experience.  Her approach is a nurturing, non-judgmental one of honoring one’s wounded parts and appreciating the wisdom in the adaptations one makes in their early lives.  Jocelyn likes to cultivate a genuine sense of curiosity, willingness, and playfulness in self-discovery while developing self-compassion in the process.  She believes that growth and healing come when we have a regulated nervous system and we are able to slow down and find the safety and wisdom that is always available within ourselves.

Jocelyn is passionate about empowering others to reconnect with who they truly are, to make new meaning of their experiences, and to feel a sense of vitality in their lives.  Jocelyn likes working with all populations–individuals, couples, children.  She is especially skilled at working with clients who are willing to look deeper at their patterned behaviors and want to step more fully into their lives finding greater purpose and meaning.


Skill Set:


  • Evolutionary Power Institute Coaching Level 1 & 2 (Personal Empowerment)

  • Hakomi & Gestalt Body-Based Psychotherapies

  • Spiritual Psychology Practices–Aligning Mind-Body-Spirit

  • Attachment Theory/building secure functioning skills

  • Kidpower Instructor in personal confidence/safety skills

  • Boundary issues

  • Couples/Divorce/Empowering Women

  • DBT training

  • Trauma-informed practices

  • Parenting issues

  • Mindfulness Practices–retraining our minds

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Self-regulation skills/neuroscience perspective

  • Grief/Life transitions

  • Meaning Making/Positive Psychology

  • Resiliency skills/Strength-Based Approach

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