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Jan Kiersky, LSW,

Jan is warm and yet a straight shooter, a careful listener, goal-centered, and an active participant in the session experience. She values education, growth, and learning and holds three master's degrees and a PhD. She feels passionate about creating life satisfaction and thriving in our everyday lives.


Jan believes that you can strive towards a meaningful life, even without being in crisis.  She is skilled in managing concerns with anxiety, panic, and depression.  She pays close attention to those who may have a vague sense of discontent, challenges with self-esteem, empty-nesters, and those who are looking for more from life than just surviving.  Jan believes in bringing her clients a life one can feel proud of, free from constant obligation, and filled with moments and times of enjoyment as well as contentment. 

Specially trained in CBIT therapy, Jan works with those with Tourette syndrome and other tic disorders teaching the client effective tic management skills instead
of curing the disorder.  As an alternative to medication, CBIT has become the frontline treatment.


Skill Set:


  CBIT Therapy: Comprehensive Behavioral

  Intervention for Tics. (click for here info)

  Group Therapy 

  Family Counseling


  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy


 Mindfulness Approach


 Motivational Interviewing


 Strategic Planning for Your Life


 Stepfamilies


 Midlife Transitions


 Anxiety


 Depression

 Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Jan Kiersky
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