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Emma Dunlay, MA


Emma is a graduate counseling intern studying Somatic Dance Movement Therapy at Naropa University.  She is deeply passionate about nurturing healing connections between the body and mind.  Emma approaches her practice with a client-centered, humanistic, and holistic approach. 


Emma firmly embraces the belief in the body's profound wisdom as a transformative avenue for self-discovery and healing. Her therapeutic methodology revolves around establishing a secure and inclusive space, enabling clients to embark on their unique journeys.  In her therapeutic practice, Emma meets clients with empathy, creativity, warmth, and challenge. She offers sessions in person, virtually, and in nature. Emma excels in creating a safe and non-judgmental space, allowing clients to explore their emotions and cultivate a strong therapeutic relationship.

Skill Set:

  • Dance/Movement Therapy 

  • Children/Adolescents 

  • Attachment Therapy 

  • Experience with Synergetic Play Therapy 

  • Mindfulness 

  • Trauma-informed

Emma Dunlay
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