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Ema Beilke, LCSW


Ema is a warm, authentic, and deeply grounded therapist. She holds a calm and reassuring presence in her sessions. Ema demonstrates a strong skill set in a variety of environments which includes working with anxiety, mood disorders, personality challenges, trauma and crisis. Clients find her to be a stabilizing force in even the most difficult of times. 

Ema’s work is rooted in meeting clients where they are in their current lives and offer achievable steps towards relief and cultivating joy.  In her work as a LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) who received her Masters in Social Work from SUNY University at Buffalo, she has worked in residential care facilities and hospital settings supporting people through crisis, acute illness, and major life transitions. 


Skill Set:


  •    Trauma-informed practices

  •    LGBTQ+

  •    Individual and Group Therapy

  •    Addiction and Trauma (Neuroscience)

  •    Self-regulation skills

  •    Motivational Interviewing

  •    DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy)

  •    Mindfulness 

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