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Social Distancing And COVID:
Keeping it together, Apart.

Contact our office for video session options!

Don't let isolation get in the way of your progress.


We are offering an increased number of hours for all of our clients as well as newcomers to Therapy Matters. Our staff has been trained to offer video sessions in a manner that is as close to being right in the office with the therapist as possible. 


We have created a seamless process by which you can join simply by opening your email. For those less comfortable with video sessions, we are also offering phone sessions at this time as well. Simply schedule an appointment and we will connect with you and take care of the rest. Therapy Matters seeks to make at least this process easy during such hard times. 

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Image by Jordan Hopkins
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Shadow on Concrete Wall

Ideas on self-care and social distancing curated by our therapists just for you.

We are starting a support group for people to talk through the myriad of feelings and issues brought on by this epidemic. If you are interested in joining please email us at and let us know what is your main area of concern.


Our objective is to create groups of support and care led by our mental health professionals and to foster community coming together to help weather whatever comes in the next few weeks or months.


We will also be expanding out resourcing sessions for people needing help with work, finances, travel and other practical concerns. 


We can't wait to talk with you! 


~Colleen Todd and the Therapy Matters Team  


Online Lessons

Use free online resources to help structure learning time for kiddos who are out of school. Many are developed by teachers and are organized by subject and grade level. 

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