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When choosing therapist, its important to know more than simple credentials. Fit is important.  Therapy Matters is all about finding you your fit. 

Therapy Matters president Colleen Todd, has decades of experience as a psychotherapist. In 2017 she decided to expand what had been a solo practice into a group practice that was 1) modeled after her style and ideals for the mental health field, and that 2) allowed her to provide clients with a variety of styles, expertise and life experience that is not possible with a simple solo practice.

Colleen has a warm, authentic, and direct style that provides a safe and comfortable space for clients to heal and grow. She has discovered how our minds can develop a dominant focus on either emotions or rational processes and that often the challenge is how to meld the two into wisdom.  Colleen and the therapists at Therapy Matters work to bridge this gap between our emotional mind and our rational mind to find wisdom, reason, and contentment. 

Colleen has formed a close-knit team of therapists who focus on clients holistically. They believe the client, deep down, knows themselves best and the team seeks to elicit and support this internal wisdom.  This amazing group of therapists at Therapy Matters understands how vulnerable a client might feel in seeking out treatment and how uncomfortable clients can feel in the world, and each and every therapist seeks to make our space feel like home - a safe haven where you can breathe deep and feel at ease. 

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You don't have to do it alone. 

Whether you are looking for therapeutic support or a community that fosters mental wellness, Therapy Matters is the piece you have been missing. 

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